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  • Yes, I removed and re-added Facebook. It was so buggy!

  • I added BAND again after looking — without success— for a more modern and useful group meetings and communication app. (I’m co-leading a girl scouts troop.) It’s kind of ridiculous how few decent options there are out there — most apps are either extremely dated and ugly, designed for sports teams, or just not well-thought through. We just need a calendar, photo-sharing, a news feed, and support for events with reminders. And an easy way to add non-app users via text and email! BAND is basically okay, but not everyone wants to join a new app for just one of their kid’s activities. But without everyone participating, conversations ultimately end up back on iMessage. I would love to see an app that would cross-post between the app and text chat or email — allowing SMS or email-only participants’ contributions to appear in the app for those who prefer the native experience. And then, create more reasons for the Luddites to download the app and get on board — like a richer media-sharing experience that supports photos and video, or even Stories. (Yes, Stories — what an ideal use case, since many people don’t want their kids’ pictures posted to the internet indefinitely.) A well-built app like this could even charge a subscription. But alas, where is such a thing??

  • I also tried Geneva, which is newer, but it’s overkill — we’re not trying to voice chat and hang out. We’re old. (Also what is up with its tiny font?)

  • If you hate AMP pages, you should really grab Amplosion for Safari

  • 1Task. Please explain why I can’t just start typing in tasks? A bug? I want to like you.

  • Can I tell you how much I liked Jerry without it sounded like an ad? The app made switching car insurance and saving money so easy that I did it one morning while still half-asleep, lying in bed, mashing buttons on my iPhone. Thank you.

  • Lounge is a very cool remote work app. But you have to request access to try it.

  • I found Magnets by accident (it’s not new) and whaaaa is this crazy thing?! You can use it to post pics or messages to a friend’s homescreen via widgets! This is such a fun idea. I’m going to convince my BFF she needs this.